IT Sales & Support

Our professionals handle the sale of software, hardware and I.T. services to (mainly) SME and Enerprise clients. Our I.T. sales cycle includes three primary stages:Pre-sales, Sales and Technical support.

  • 1. Pre-sales

    Our Professional Pre-sales team pitch technical proposals of our best solutions to our clients. What we do is clarify product details or service specifications and explain the benefits they will offer. We also carry out practical demonstrations of the applications or equipment that we sell.

  • 2. Sales

    Whatever IT requirements or request you may, you just have to contact us and our sales representative will be in touch with you in no time to provide a much affordable quote to your requirement.

  • 3. Technical Support

    Our I.T. sales professionals will provide user guidance and training, technical support, system maintenance, repairs and product replacements in accordance with agreed warranties or Service Level Agreement (SLA) and this is done to to maintain a balance between achieving results and revenue targets from our solutions, while also ensuring that customer expectations on cost, functionality and quality are met.

How we work

What we seek to provide our clients the best of IT sales and service they require to help them meet their goal and that is what GITS  always offer. Providing affordable, reliable, timely and result-oriented solutions is our hallmark.

We mostly deal in;

  • Back-end IT Devices
  • End-user Devices
  • Software/Applications
  • Software Licenses
  • And more

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.

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