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Meraki Cloud-Managed IT Solutions

Meraki is Cisco’s cloud-managed IT solution consisting of wireless access points, switches, security devices, endpoint management, cameras, and a network insight tool. All Meraki products can be managed from a single easy to-use, browser-based dashboard. Configure, manage, and monitor the entire network from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, with no need for additional training or dedicated staff. Regular and automatic firmware updates future-proof both the network and IT investment.

Why Meraki for Retail?

There is increasing opportunity for retailers to use technology to improve shopper experience and gain key insights into buying behaviour. However, this is often complicated, requiring multiple solutions, platforms, and the need for dedicated staff or costly training. Meraki offers a single, intuitive platform where customers can manage the network across multiple stores whilst gaining unparalleled insights into customer behaviour and preferences, all without additional training.


Level 1 PCI compliant data security standards
Isolated guest access with LAN protection, WPA2-Enterprise authentication, and rogue-AP detection
Integrated stateful firewall segregates customer and non-privileged users from the cardholder environment
Manage security cameras from the same platform as your wireless


Troubleshoot, monitor, and manage iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS based retail endpoints, including inventory scanners and mPOS devices
Enable Kiosk mode to lock down devices
Manage entire network across multiple stores from a single browser-based dashboard


Location analytics and traffic heatmaps can support business decisions, e.g. merchandising or staff assignment
Understand customer foot traffic, dwell times, and other presence-based user behaviour
Gain visibility into the applications and websites that customers spend their time on

Who is Meraki for?

The Cisco Meraki solution is unique because it benefits many parts of a retail business, not just IT, and allows retailers to spread the cost across different departments. Marketing departments can see which apps and websites customers use, incorporate network data into loyalty programmes, and send push notifications, such as special offers. Similarly, merchandising teams can evaluate store layout and make changes based on location analytics, heat maps, and dwell time information. For the IT department, centralized management and remote troubleshooting capabilities are especially useful for retailers with multiple stores, saving them time and money.

Find all the Meraki products below;

  • MERAKI MR-Wireless Access Point
  • MERAKI MX-UTM Security Appliance
  • MERAKI MS-Switch
  • MERAKI MI-Insight Intelligence Software
  • MERAKI SM-Endpoint Management
  • MERAKI MV-Security Camera

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